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1. Training goals

This major aims to cultivate students' solid basic knowledge of statistics, proficient data processing and data analysis skills, so that students can master big data analysis methods, be proficient in business data analysis and management, and cultivate international, high-quality business intelligence and business data Analyze professionals. Graduates can not only be competent in the statistical analysis business of financial institutions and large and medium-sized enterprises, but also can engage in market research, economic information analysis, macroeconomic decision-making and other economic management tasks, and understand contemporary Chinese politics, economy and culture, and be able to participate and promote Friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and its host country. Graduates can find employment in multiple industries in the future, such as multinational companies, banks, securities, insurance, consulting agencies, government economic management departments, and educational institutions.

2. Training requirements

Graduates of this major should acquire knowledge and abilities in the following areas:

n Grasp the basic knowledge of economics, management and statistics.

n Master the basic theories and methods of statistics, and have the basic ability to design statistics, collect data, process data, and analyze data.

n  Understand the economic development and development trends of major countries and regions , and have a strong ability to analyze and manage business data and economic operation data.

n Can make full use of information technology and market research methods, be good at collecting and using business intelligence and business intelligence, and serve enterprise decision support.

3. duration

   4-6 years

   Bachelor of  Economics

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